Deciding to incorporate a breath practice into your life is the easy part. Getting started without support could be your only obstacle.

There are sooooo many valuable, effective breathing practices out there. How could you know what you enjoy without sampling a few? Here's what I've prepared for you in this Introductory Program:

  • Two 10-minute morning or daytime guided audio sessions designed to sharpen your mind and wake up your body

  • Two 10-minute evening guided audio sessions designed to prepare you for a deep restful sleep.

  • A 30-minute guided walking session

  • A 40-minute video guiding you through a breath-driven movement experience

Also Included in Your Introductory Package

Discovering the true power of incorporating a breath-based practice into your day is worth looking into. I'll share some easy-to-grasp information through a short presentation and lots of links for further investigation.

  • Link to Resources

    Any keeners looking to "geek out" with me and read more of the science around breathing and how it can impact your health and performance have a place to start with my handy resource list included in the Introductory Course.

  • Let's Connect!

    Join the private BBD community page and connect with me, Kim Kraushar and like-minded individuals also looking to elevate the quality of their lives with a mindful breathing practice.

  • Save on Future Course Enrollments

    Once you start your Breath By Design Journey, I'm committed to helping you continue with savings on all of my course bundles and online gatherings. Special personal promo codes will be sent directly to you once you sign up for the Introductory Package.

Your LIFE Can't Change Until You're Ready to Change Your LIFE

Changing habits are hard and to succeed, we need structure, guidance and a bit of support.

Experience a Taste of Breath by Design

Sample all this program has to offer.